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We've picked up some gorgeous resources from Young Souls. I love how each product has helped our 4 yr old daughter develop skills with reading, writing, early maths and science concepts, as well an enhanced our nature play activities and provided so many more fabulous ideas for play.


My three year old daughter Willow had not yet been introduced to fairytales when I fell in love with the gorgeous Papoose puppet sets at Young Souls and she saw me scrolling through them online. I proceeded to show her the song/story that matched each puppet set, and from that moment, she was hooked on the Gingerbread Man story! She was singing and reciting the fairy tale daily for a week, and the excitement on her face when she opened her first Young Souls package to find the Gingerbread Man puppets was to die for! Such a well-made resource that is oh so loved in our household!


We have quite a few products from Young Souls and absolutely love the range that Melissa stocks. Melissa’s customer service has always been amazing and I love following her story behind Young Souls on Instagram. Will definitely recommend your business.


Wow very good quality products, Amazing customer service and amazing quality products definitely will be shopping more.


Great customer service, my order was delivered the next day, great quality toys.